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Learning Center

Gem Tourism

Take a virtual trip to see where gemstones are found all over the world.
A View of the Quartzsite Gem Shows

The Quartzsite gem shows attract gemologists and rock hounds from around the world. Learn what to expect and how to shop at these huge annual January…

Opal Prospecting and Mining

Headed out to the opal fields? Read on to learn more about opal prospecting and mining, plus some expert tips for finding precious opal beneath your…

Top Spots for Gem Hunting in the US

Visit one of the top gem hunting spots in the US. Go alone or with the family. A gemology-themed vacation can be fun, educational, and (maybe) profitable.…

Old Mine Tales

Old Mine Tales that were submitted as letters to Faceter’s Digest. They are a personal history of the author’s experiences with the mines in North…