We Sell Exceptionally Rare Gemstones. We buy and sell rare gems and deal mine direct for substantial savings to both our wholesale and retail customers. We buy rare rough, and faceted gems ?aggressively and facet when the pockets deplete. Shop now online. We use GIA


Gem Sales and Gem Cutting Services – We represent several AGTA award-winning gem cutters. We have mining partners in Africa, Thailand, Russia and Brazil.
Rare and unusual color gemstones. Blue spinel, important spinel, untreated topaz, estate jewelry (online only) turquoise, rare Jadeite (Imperial, lavender, Apple green,) ?Uruguay/Siberian Amethyst, Burma and Pakistan Peridot, TOP 5/5 Welo Opals, Rubellite, Indicolite, Paraiba, Chrome, Copper-Bearing, Bi Color Tourmaline. One of a kind, extremely rare faceted gems and depleted gems are our specialty.

Mine Direct Buyer

Russian topaz, Russian Demantoid Garnet, East African Garnet (Malaya, Pyralspite, Color Change, Spessartite, Rhodolite, Mehenge -Mehenge, Tsavorite, Hydrogrossular, Grossular and Demantoid), Ametrine, Kashmir, Burmese, Montana, and Padparadscha sapphire,

We specialize in rare Russian gems and wholesale Demantoid Garnet in sizes from .25 to 12 carats. We buy rare Russian gems wholesale only.?

GEM CUTTING SERVICES –?Designer/Award Winning Cuts, Traditonal & Fantasy gems. We cut small lots at precision quality. Larger cutting jobs are handled by our sister company.

Gem Brokerage Services – We partner with mines and buy and sell mine direct. We will sell to the public. Our?online gems are first come first serve. We can locate any rare gem, negotiate the price for you and often have the seller pay our fees. We can meet any individual or jeweler’s colored gem needs and take custom orders from locating and purchasing the rough to custom faceting for your designs. We sell antique gems we save from salvaged lots.?